International Learning Academy

 May 31, 2010

"From the bottom of our hearts, my entire family thanks you for what you did for our son, Brennan.  It is impossible to put into words how grateful we are now that Brennan has graduated from your school with a high school diploma.  For the first time in years Brennan is happy because he accomplished an important personal goal and knows he now has unlimited opportunities to pursue whatever in life he desires to achieve." ~ Cathy and Mike Cannivet, Naples, Florida.
Update: Feb. 10, 2017
Brennan graduated with honors (cum laude) from St. Ambrose University in December with a Bachelor of Arts degree. His major was criminal justice and he is now seeking employment in the law enforcement field. Without you and ILA this never would have been possible. Just goes to show how success is achievable when a student is provided opportunity- and you provided that opportunity! Gratefully yours, Cathy Cannivet 

July 10, 2010

"Your policy of, "you come to my school with a clean slate" means everything.  Students become your students the minute they walk through your doors, with no baggage of low grades, low achievement or low anything.  I have watched you, amazed, as you talk to a student about school, and their life outside of school, and how to go about accomplishing the best job they can with both.  You seem to be able to concentrate on the positive side of life no matter how big or how small it may be, encouraging the student to do the same."
~ Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kaplan, Naples, Florida

August 6, 2008

"The International Learning Academy (ILA) plays a vital role in Collier County's educational system.  My daughter attended three high schools, before she enrolled at ILA as a senior last fall.

With the flexibility the school affords, as well as the personal attention, care and dedication provided, along with my daughter's hard work, I am proud to report my daughter graduated with honors this past May.  She accomplished this while holding down a job, which required her to work long, late hours.  My daughter will be leaving for a University in South Carolina, where she will begin her college career.

For a variety of reasons, many students are not able to successfully complete traditional high school.  ILA helps this large number of students attain this goal.  Our family is grateful for ILA.  It is a tremendous asset to Collier County." ~ Susan K. Lennane, Naples, Florida

July 18, 2005

"My mother and I would would like to take this opportunity to let you and the State of Florida, Dept. of Education, McKay Scholarship Program, know, that I am 19 years old and currently a second semester sophomore at Florida Atlantic University with plans to transfer to Florida State University in the Spring 2006.  I will be graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Business with a major in Accounting.  Moreover, I plan to continue my education in graduate school or Law School.

I feel I am where I am today because I graduated from International Learning Academy two years ago.  Your school gave me the motivation and the skills to continue to college so that I may have a much brighter future.

My mother and I are grateful to you and your program at International Learning Academy for helping me become a success."
~Matthew Pollow and Jean D. Pollow/Pavlov, Boca Raton, Florida



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