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ILA Mission Statement 
Our Philosophy 





      Mission Statement

International Learning Academy a partnership of opportunity, human compassion and self-integrity, recognizing that one size that does fit all, is committed to foster the intellectual and ethical well being of our students and citizens, who are defying all odds attaining new goals and dreams by challenging them to become compassionate, responsible, life-long learners, empowered to make positive contributions to an ever-changing global society.    

Our Philosophy
 Learning is a personal experience. Optimum learning occurs when education focuses on the individuals strengths, interest and
rate of progress. 

Each student is gifted in at least one area. Oftentimes, school programs actually prevent individuals from pursuing their gifts due to curriculum structure. 

The ILA high school curriculum, allow their students to study
 and interact with one subject at a time.

The ILA curriculum affords time for family, employment, volunteer service, *sports and social activities which help them to excel, both academically and socially.

*Students pursuing an athletic career will have the opportunity to practice their
sport earlier in the day and more often.  A sports related leave of absence
is a unique benefit of ILA.

There are many benefits to ILA's approach to learning:

  • The self-discipline required to effectively work independently transfers to success in college and in a wide range of careers.
  • Students become life-long learners who discover and develop their unique gifts and talents.

Niki Flach ILA Class 2004
A graduate of West Point
   Captain in the U.S. Army

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